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↠☾hommage visuel à l’été, partie 1 // visual homage to summer, part 1☽↞

’15 summer time, summer vibes. celebrating life // Vibe tribe. crystals, animals, food, sun, FUN; summer daze, summer glaze, summer sway. in no particular order, a mishmash of “these days”, introspective moods, magic hour(s), lol’s, beers, cheers, burritos, sunsets + rises:: we are free… happiest hours forever, summer dreams, crescent moons in lagoons. Hello, goodbye, l’été are you halfway through or only halfway begun… time to descend into the sun. helloooooo #leoseason. >>>keep daydreaming–> MUA xoxo<<<

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be love. xx

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embrace now.

expanding time has been a theme for me the last 365 days. I can either choose to think about all that cannot be done in due time, or I can just start now. I have been inspired, tired, high, low, and riding on moonbeam fumes for the last 90 days. “so much to do, so little time.” or…. maybe is it “so much time, do what you can. do what you WANT.” so then. What do I WANT to do? What serves me best? As much as I love a glass (or two) of champagne with the tribe or some online retail therapy, my true joie de vivre is always existing in the most simple moment… sitting with my cats. drinking coffee with my boyfriend, hugging him. laughing with my co-workers, while we walk through the city after work, making pizza, lighting my incense from Bali and vibing with my crystals at the beach, stretching in bed before I rise. reading a passage of a book, not feeling the need to ingest its entirety. even writing this blog. less is more. less is more. less is more…






…a reset of the soul in Bali, part 1: ☾☆☽


We’ve been back from Bali for about 3 weeks now and I can honestly say I haven’t been able to shake it. And I don’t want to. I keep referring to that magical vortex as where “my soul got baptized”. For reals. It was about a week in, after the jet lag officially wore off and we were truly in our village groove, I found myself literally living, not just saying the phrase, “no worries”, but living that true exact feeling. I’m somebody who definitely gets caught up getting irritated with the little things in life and I could feel those silly wasteful thoughts beginning to naturally melt away. I was feeling lighter and even actually FEELING light.


IMG_2791We rose with the sun, sometimes right before, and indulged in hour-long coffee talk outside on the comfy daybed, creating a daily offering for our villa’s shrine and lighting incense for Ganesh, easing into our morning, usually heading to the beach shortly after. Balian beach was a very short stroll away. (I loved our stroll. I got very attached to our path.) In our lovely little high-vibrational though laid-back and very small, sea-surf town, we would drink coconut or cucumber juice, nosh on some nasi goreng, and then I would watch my Pisces man in the Indian Ocean surfing to his heart’s content while I journaled, did beach tarot, or just pretty much gazed and daydreamed, two of my favorite pastimes. In the evenings we would become one with the indigo sky drinking Bintang by the pool or sipping on fresh turmeric/ginger tea with huge calamansi limes on the lanai after a massage or just chatting lazily about the day while slurping on our new favorite spicy noodle soup. Cute cows for neighbors, black butterflies as big as your hand, huge geckos that sing their name, “Gec-koh, gec-koh!”, bright red dragonflies that look like hummingbirds, treating ourselves to naps every day… we found ourselves swaying, slowly. Going with the flow. And the flow of Bali is the most natural flow I have ever experienced. The Balinese people truly smHIGHle. It’s contagious. Smiles that get you high, on being alive. Honoring the moon and sun and ocean are as natural as breathing. The black sand beach at the end of our little road was secluded, yet a perfect abundance of soul surfers and wonderful sets of magical sea swirls and waves that my sweetheart experienced and appreciated as a true gift from Mother Nature, every day. We were lucky enough to stay in a just developed enough funky surfer village, away from the crowds and overly modern luxury westernization, and happily immersed with beautiful-from-the-inside-out local villagers, a few random Aussies, our new friends from Holland, and of course an abundance of Bali Dogs– I even had the honor of meeting my spirit animal, in the form of one. Nope, no unicorns or lionesses or black cats for this proud Leo. My spirit animal is a stray black and white Balian Beach dog who I can proudly say learned the name I gave her, Luna, in less than 24 hours. We totally remember each other from a past life, it was like, “Hey girl! I’ve missed you!”. (More to come on that in my next post!) The evening of the lunar eclipse was like no other, to see the movement of the planets was cosmic heaven. They say that Bali is the heart of the universe. I believe it. I want to go back. Soon. My life is better because of this unintentional pilgrimage. I had no idea, no clue, what was in store for me. So is the magic of life. Be here now, right? Bali truly, madly, deeply gave me back this all-knowing belief. I can say I’ve been to Mecca. I received the light of Bali, to my core, and can honestly say that each human soul deserves this experience: a remembrance of who we are, why we are here, and how to continue to contribute more of our light. Terima Kasih Bali, Balian Beach, Luna, local villagers, deities, magical daily rituals, our new friends and Bali ohana, I love and appreciate you… to be continued, sooner than later. Hands together, palms pressed, close to my heart… I honor you with every fiber of my being and every minuscule of my condensed stardust, XX

IMG_2189 IMG_2261 IMG_2216 IMG_2480 IMG_2497 IMG_2500

image IMG_0301 IMG_2217 IMG_2838 IMG_2787Unknown

IMG_2482 IMG_2538 IMG_2582 IMG_2722 IMG_2783 IMG_2856 IMG_2586 IMG_2933 IMG_2945 IMG_2957 IMG_2734 IMG_3111IMG_3130 IMG_3148 IMG_3080 IMG_3168 IMG_3146 IMG_3070IMG_2703IMG_0421IMG_2998  Sama Sama ⭐︎

bali magic…

We’ve been in Bali for just over 24 hours, specifically Balian Beach. We are in love. With everything: the people and their spirit and kindness and smiles, the culture, Hinduism, the land, the food, the animals, the beach, our villa with its magical oasis pool and the utmost loving and positively high vibrations, the cows, and yes we’ve fallen even more in love with each other, again 😉

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Tapping HEALS ♡

photo 1When I was deciding what book to pick for my next Hay House review, I felt intrigued to check out Jessica Ortner’s, “The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence” based on the subtitle, “A Women’s Guide to Stressing Less, Weighing Less, and Loving More.” I have been blessed to not have personal issues with weight but, oh yes, I’ve definitely had major issues with how I deal with stress, self-love and body confidence overall- I don’t know any female that hasn’t! I also believe that we can weigh more metaphorically too: personal choices based on circumstances out of our hands can make us feel heavy with anxiety or depression. Plus I’ve also really been wanting to learn more about the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) method anyway, tapping on acupressure points to allay stress. Natural and free, feeling as if you’re experiencing a “mini-miracle”, sounds good to me.


“What tapping does is bridge that gap between your body and your mind.” Jessica starts off with her own personal journey of what led her to tapping and what tapping actually is. I was surprised to learn how very simple it is. The most challenging part for me is just pin-pointing in exact words of what is bothering me, not over-generalizing.

photo 5With a lovely diagram and concise descriptions on how to begin, including how to figure out exactly what is hurting you that allows you to keep making unhealthy personal choices, it was easy to start right away. Most times for me, my negative choices are all about false conceptions I have about myself and allowing self-sabotage to seep in to my dreams. The continued focus is on loving and accepting yourself. photo 3Beginning with the “karate-chop” point on either hand and an exact “set-up” statement that involves saying that you love and accept yourself out loud, the almost immediate results are fascinating and indeed shift your energy. This is continued through different acupressure points while stating truths and positive affirmations that pertain to your life experience.

Tapping is all about specifics. “Emotions such as anger, fear, resentment, and guilt that are hijacking your best intentions are also impacting you on a deep biological level.” Tapping literally retrains your brain to respond in a healthy way as opposed to react at a stressful level. Stress induces wackiness. Feeling wacky or out of control does not serve us- there is no clarity when we cannot breathe properly, see straight or think rationally. We react by gorging out on fast food and reality TV, judging ourselves and others, abusing alcohol, and we don’t pursue our dreams because we don’t see or believe in our light. Jessica guides us effectively in not only believing in ourselves, she sets your dreams in motion by showing quite simply how EFT serves your spirit. “With tapping, you can change your beliefs by targeting the emotions and the stress response your beliefs create by focusing on the belief itself”


I treasure this book, as Jessica is the first one to say it’s not all about the weight loss, it’s about loving yourself and believing in your fullest potential. Filled with tapping meditations, real-life stories about friends and clients and an awesome chapter devoted to self-care and pleasure (including a potent reminder that surfing the net is an unhealthy distraction! Comparing ourselves to anybody ever, especially on social media is so detrimental to our evolvement and true self-acceptance. Choosing to “numb out” with the net is yucky. Guilty as charged. Self-forgiveness tho’ pronto people- tap on it!) Tapping teaches me to acknowledge the fear, say it out loud, align my truth with my body, mind, and spirit, and literally within moments, I truly feel free. Jessica is a true pioneer for sharing her truth and becoming a teacher and guide of the EFT method. She gets what personal freedom feels like from the inside out- and I appreciate and respect her immensely for sharing this with us.

photo 2

I like this holistic approach to finding solutions with ease! Having healthy heart beats that are in rhythm with the earth and your own breath is a gift. I would recommend this book to all females, Tapping is a wonderful healer. And the actual act of tapping really feels good. Life gets funky and it feels calming to know that if we can’t make it to that yoga class today, had a bad day at work, or need to approach a challenge with a self-confidence reminder, that we don’t just have to reach out for the bottle of vino or start feeding into the negativity and fear with frustrated, self-deprecating emotions. “The Tapping Solution….for Body Confidence” truly allows you to TAP in, even tune in, to what is truly at your core, to heal- “tapping through the layers”, heal even more, and lead your goddess spirit to soar…



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{{I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes}}